Code of Conduct


We expect anyone who joins our guild to be aware of our policies. Warnings are few and far between and we won’t hesitate to remove members that cause problems. TWL is first and foremost about friends and we hope that you’ll enjoy being a part of our family!

The Code

All members will be expected to adhere to this code. These rules are common sense and most people likely already follow them in their real lives as well. It will be no different in our guild.

  • Honor
    Honor is one of the most important tenets of the guild. All members are expected to demonstrate a high degree of respect towards fellow guild members and other alliance players. Your behavior represents the guild. Also, dishonesty is a good way to lose our respect and get yourself banned.

  • Loyalty - Be true to the Order
    Be loyal and truthful to the guild. Split alliances are not allowed! You will be required to bring all of your characters, alts and all, into our guild. Members who choose to leave the guild are re-invited only in extremely rare cases, so don’t count on it.

  • Duty - Serve the Order
    Make regular contributions to the guild, and maintain a reasonably active status. TWL does not allow members to skip guild raids in favor of raiding with other guilds.

  • Virtue - Fight the good fight!
    Help the weak and downtrodden and smite the wicked! Render aid to other players when possible, whether fellow guild members or not. Remember that everything you do represents this guild as a whole. Never misrepresent the Order!

  • “It’s a game!”
    (Real-World Rule) - Remember this is just a game and it should be fun! The Order understands real world commitments and expects members to deal with these before any of the guild’s needs. Be respectful and understanding of other members’ commitments. Most of all, have fun!