Join the Order

So you’re interested in joining The White Lions? Hopefully you know a little about us already and have read our rules and Raid Guidelines. Is TWL a good fit for you? Review this checklist to make sure:

Things We’re Looking For:
  • You agree with our Rules.
  • You’re a team player.
  • You’re mature and respectful.
  • You enjoy 10-man raiding.
  • You understand your class/spec.
  • You’re ready for fun!

Class Considerations:
  • Currently seeking a Main Tank! (Death Knight, Paladin or Warrior)


If you have any unanswered questions, here’s how to contact us:

Whisper in-game
Send an in-game mail

Whisper in-game
Send an in-game mail


How To Apply
  • The first step is to READ OUR RULES and Raid Guidelines. If you don’t feel like you can abide by them, don’t bother applying.
  • Once you’ve done this, please register on our site using your main character’s name so we recognize you.
  • Now that you’re registered, create a new post in the recruitment section titled with your name, class, and level. Copy and paste the text below into your message and fill in the blanks.

Application Information

Required Information:

Character Name - The name you wish to be known as within the guild, usually your primary character.

Primary Class/Level - Your primary character’s class and level.

Armory Link - Your primary character’s armory link.

Alt List - List your alternate characters with their faction, class, and level.

Why do you want to join - Why do you want to join us?

What can you offer the guild - Anything special we should know about?

Age - How “seasoned” are you IRL?

Optional Information:

MMO Experience - Your experience with other MMOs, if any.

Guild Experience - Any previous guild experience you’ve had.

Real Name - Your real-life name.

Timezone - The timezone you live in.

Occupation - What you do to pay for WoW.

Character Backstory - Some players may wish to include a character backstory.

Additional Information - Any other information you wish to share.