Raid Guidelines

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King, we have found our niche in 10 man raiding. We are comfortable doing 10 man dungeons and have no desire to expand into 25 man raiding. We expect our members to respect this idea and help make our 10 man raiding the best it can be. We raid twice a week for 3 hours a night. Our current raid nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00pm to 11:00pm server time. We do have a few rules that we expect our members to abide by when it comes to raiding with us.

Raid Requirements

You must follow these rules to be allowed to participate in the Guild Raids.

  • Get Ventrilo
    You must have vent. A microphone is not required, but listening is! Our vent server is for members of TWL only. Exceptions can be made, but you must contact Leahan for permission.

  • Be On Time and Be Prepared!
    Raids begin promptly at 8pm server time. Invites begin at 7:45pm and players should be in the instance by 7:55pm. Raids end at 11pm server time. If you know ahead of time that you are going to be late, inform the raid leader or an officer so that we know what’s going on. Bring all required reagents and consumables for a full raid night. The raid leader has the option to replace members that are not prepared.

  • Raid Composition Comes First
    Raid events are created in the Calendar in game. In order to sign up for a raid, you must confirm your availability there. An officer will post the raid draft the day before the raid. Our first concern when drafting will be raid composition.

  • Listen to the Raid Leader! No Chatter in Vent!
    We all have fun chatting with our fellow players. This is fine in moderation. During strategy explanations, boss fights, or other complicated pulls, the Raid Leader should be the only one talking.

  • Class Roles
    Be well versed in all aspects of your class. Even though TWL never forces players into a certain spec, there might be times when a dpser needs to heal or a tank needs to dps. Take the time to research the various specs and ability rotations of your class.
    Elitist Jerks is commonly considered the best site for class information. We expect our members to stay up to date from patch to patch on changes to their class.

Looting Rules

The White Lions uses a “Need Before Greed” looting method that has served us very well for the past several years. Non guild members that might be along for our runs will also be allowed to roll under the same set of rules.

  • One Item Per Run
    This is very simple. During one raid, you get to roll and win one item. Later in the run you may receive additional items if nobody else wants it.

  • Main Spec before Offspec
    You must declare a main spec for rolling purposes. Priority will always be given to a main spec roll over an offspec roll. This includes giving multiple items to the same player for their main spec.

  • Sharded Items
    Items will only be sharded if no player is interested. Shards will be stored in the guild bank. Members are welcome to ask an officer for enchanting mats.

  • Profession Specific Items
    Recipes may only be rolled on by members of the raid that have that profession. (This is not as common currently, but still applies if it comes up.)

  • Relax!
    We raid two nights every week. There will be plenty of gear drops for everyone in due time! We are very generous in handing out loot to those who need upgrades, so just be patient! TWL does not tolerate loot whores or greed.