Guild Wars 2

Posted: 08/17/12 by Leahan

Homeworld: Maguuma

Diablo 3 Useful Information

Posted: 05/02/12 by Leahan

A lot has changed in Diablo 3 from Diablo 2.  This article contains information you should know that might make your life easier when playing.

Glory of the Firelands Raider!

Posted: 03/22/12 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Better late than never, the majority of our raiders finished up their Glory of the Firelands Raider achievements last night.
Guild Legendary Complete!

Posted: 02/01/12 by Lady Wenaeleyn

After 6+ long months of grinding Firelands (in 10 man only!) we have finally completed our first ever Guild Legendary!
Madness DOWN!

Posted: 01/20/12 by Lady Wenaeleyn

He stood in the fire…

Spine of Deathwing DOWN!!!

Posted: 12/16/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Only one left!

Ultraxion and Blackhorn DOWN!!!

Posted: 12/09/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

And only Deathwing and…Deathwing…remain…

Warlord Zon’ozz and Hagara the Stormbinder DOWN!!

Posted: 12/02/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Two more bite the dust...
Morchok DOWN!!! ...And Yor’sahj Too…

Posted: 11/30/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Yep…it was that fast…

Ragnaros DOWN!!!

Posted: 09/21/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Ragnaros is defeated!

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