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Alysrazor DOWN!

Posted: 08/12/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

It’s getting hotter…

Baleroc DOWN!

Posted: 07/29/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Yes, we SHALL pass…

Majordomo Staghelm

Posted: 07/25/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

The loss of his son, Valstann, in the War of the Shifting Sands utterly shattered Fandral Staghelm's spirit.

Now empowered by Ragnaros as the new Majordomo of the Firelands (replacing the deceased Majordomo Executus) and the leader of the treacherous Druids of the Flame, Fandral seeks to bring ruin to Azeroth rather than live in a world without his beloved child.
Baleroc, The Gatekeeper

Posted: 07/22/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Baleroc earned a reputation as a merciless combatant during the elemental wars of ancient Azeroth. Now that he is confined to the Firelands, Baleroc’s sanity has dwindled. Few elementals dare disturb him, fearful that they will become victim to his battlelust.

Lord Rhyolith DOWN!

Posted: 07/22/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

It’s getting hot in here…

Beth’tilac DOWN!

Posted: 07/20/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Eeeeeew spiders! The White Lions took care of some creepy crawlies tonight!
Shannox DOWN!

Posted: 07/06/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

“Shannon” and her puppies were no match for the fierce might of The White Lions!


Posted: 06/26/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Matriach of the Cinderweb Brood, Beth'tilac and her merciless offspring sate their appetites by sucking the magma and fire from the corpses of elementals.

To provide her broodlings with added sustenance, Beth'tilac has woven a network of incendiary webs throughout her lair to trap unsuspecting prey.
Lord Rhyolith

Posted: 06/26/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Rhyolith is one of the most ancient elementals in existence, born from the primordial fires that forged Azeroth itself. He is responsible for the creation of new elementals in the Firelands and still possesses a searing hatred of the titans for what he considers monumental arrogance in relocating him.


Posted: 06/23/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

When Ragnaros’s forces surged into Mount Hyjal, the green dragon Alysra betrayed her allies and helped the traitorous archdruid Fandral Staghelm. As a reward, she was purified with fire and reborn as a fearsome fire hawk.

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