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Posted: 06/23/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

The flamewakers are among the most feared elemental guardians in the Firelands. Shannox is no exception. Serving as the chief hunter and kennel master of Ragnaros’ hell hounds, Shannox patrols the elemental realm with his two most ferocious beasts: Riplimb and Rageface.

Al’Akir DOWN! The White Lions are Defenders of a Shattered World!

Posted: 05/20/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn


Posted: 05/16/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

A strategy guide for Al’Akir…

Nefarian DOWN!

Posted: 05/11/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn


Posted: 05/04/11 by Whitelight

A strategy guide for Nefarian...
Cho’gall DOWN!

Posted: 04/26/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn


Posted: 04/03/11 by Whitelight

A strategy guide for Cho'gall...
Twighlight Ascendant Council DOWN!

Posted: 04/03/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Twilight Ascendant Council

Posted: 02/28/11 by Whitelight

A strategy guide for Twilight Ascendant Council…

Atramedes and Chimaeron DOWN!

Posted: 02/25/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

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