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Glory of the Firelands Raider!

Posted: 03/22/12 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Better late than never, the majority of our raiders finished up their Glory of the Firelands Raider achievements last night.
Madness DOWN!

Posted: 01/20/12 by Lady Wenaeleyn

He stood in the fire…

Spine of Deathwing DOWN!!!

Posted: 12/16/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Only one left!

Ultraxion and Blackhorn DOWN!!!

Posted: 12/09/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

And only Deathwing and…Deathwing…remain…

Warlord Zon’ozz and Hagara the Stormbinder DOWN!!

Posted: 12/02/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Two more bite the dust...
Morchok DOWN!!! ...And Yor’sahj Too…

Posted: 11/30/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Yep…it was that fast…

Ragnaros DOWN!!!

Posted: 09/21/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Ragnaros is defeated!

Majordomo Staghelm DOWN!

Posted: 08/19/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Ragnaros awaits…

Ragnaros, The Firelord

Posted: 08/16/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

Ragnaros, lord of the Firelands, embodies the fury and destruction of the primordial infernos that forged Azeroth itself.

Promised the chance to set Azeroth aflame without interference from Neptulon and Therazane, Ragnaros seeks to appease the Old Gods by incinerating the World Tree of Nordrassil.
Alysrazor DOWN!

Posted: 08/12/11 by Lady Wenaeleyn

It’s getting hotter…

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