Diablo 3 Useful Information

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Diablo III Useful Information

Even if you played Diablo II


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Auction House



Basics, Options and Tips

Advanced Tooltips

By default, the game shows simplified tooltips (no damage numbers). Holding CTRL while hovering over an ability will show the advanced Tooltip.

Alternatively, Advanced detailed tooltips can be enabled in the Options->Gameplay menu.

Tooltips can even be shown for items on the ground if you hold CTRL while hovering over the item. Doing this while your inventory is open will show a comparison.

If you are duel wielding, pressing ALT while hovering over a weapon in your inventory will bring up the currently equipped tooltip for your offhand.

Elective Mode

By default, the game categorizes your skills and forces you to select 1 "Primary Skill" 1 "Secondary Skill" 1 "Defense Skill" etc.

You can choose whatever skills you like by enabling "Elective Mode" in the Options->Gameplay menu.

Nephalim Valor

NV is a buff that kicks in at 60. It rewards you with extra Magic Find and extra loot from bosses for not changing your skills or runes.

Every time you kill an elite or champion, you gain a stack of this buff.

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Attacks and Abilities

All damaging abilities are based off of your weapon damage (other modifiers will also affect it).

Some attacks are affected by your weapon's attack speed.

Runes are unlocked at predetermined levels. (Runes change how your skills work).


You no longer need to hold ALT to see what's on the ground. By default, item names appear for 10 seconds after dropping and pressing alt shows all items on the ground for another 10 seconds

There are no more Scrolls of Identify. Blue items are identified when they drop. Rare and above can be identified by right clicking and waiting for a short cast to complete.

On that note, there are no more Scrolls of Town Portal. It is a UI button that is unlocked.

Town Portal is no longer instant so you cannot use it to escape a bad situation.

Potions now have a cool down, unlike D2. No more carrying around an inventory full of potions to chug. They also stack.

To compensate for the above, enemies now randomly drop health globes that heal your entire party a certain amount when picked up by anyone in the party.

Your health globe and gold pickup radius can be increased by items. Some abilities also benefit from this.

There are some good options for enemy and player healthbars and damage and healing numbers.

There is a keybind that allows you to bind move forward. This is useful to ranged classes as it allows them to move without accidently attacking. (The opposite of holding shift to force-stand still).


When you start a game you may open the game to the public, or enable/disable Quick Join (Options->Social, enabled by default).

  • Public - Anyone can join. People will be placed into your game based upon the quest they are looking for.
  • Quick Join - Only your friends can join. They can hop in at anytime to join you.
  • Quick Joined Disabled - You will be playing solo, no one can join your game without asking first.

Friends of friends (RealID) may also join your game if quick join is enabled. Friends of friends can be disabled on your battle.net account settings page (outside of the game).

Gold and Loot

Loot that drops while in a party is yours alone. No one else can see it. No one else can pick it up. If you drop an item back to the ground, anyone can see it and may pick it up.

As long as you are within range (a few screens or so) when a monster dies, it will have a chance to drop loot for you. It doesn't matter if you damaged it.

Gold is not shared, what you see is yours alone.

Magic Find is averaged for the entire party and then applied to the loot drops.

Being in a party does not increase XP or loot drops. With the exception that you're killing things faster.

Everyone can see when a health globe drops and everyone benefits from someone picking it up.


When a major event starts (boss, miniboss fight, scripted event) the game will ask players not present if they are ready.

Party size is 4 players, maximum.

When one person in the group clicks on a shrine it benefits all players (likely limited by range).


Banners allow you to instantly teleport to another hero you're playing with. They will be located automatically in town and you may simply click the banner of the player you wish to teleport to.

Banners are customizable.

Banners are account wide, not character specific.

Completing certain achievements unlocks more options for your banners.

Pressing "G" will drop your banner wherever you are. This does nothing, but it looks cool. (According to some beta players, this actually allows you to temporarily choose where people will teleport to when clicking your banner in town).


Artisans allow you to craft items and improve your gear. They are account wide so you do not have to level them for each character.

Blue or better items can be salvaged by the Blacksmith to obtain crafting materials. White items are useless (they don't even sell for much).


Followers are like the Hirelings from Diablo 2. They will fight with you and each have unique abilities/styles.

Gear equipped by followers granting Gold/Magic Find or +exp rewards 20% of the benefit to you.

Followers are not available in Multiplayer.


There are four difficulties this time around.

  • Normal (1 to ~30)
  • Nightmare (~30 to ~50)
  • Hell (~50 to 60)
  • Inferno (60)

Inferno is intended to be the "end-game." However, it is still very possible to get very good (or better?) gear out of Hell.

Inferno is not flat difficulty, it will get harder as the Acts progress, just like Normal, Nightmare and Hell.

Blizzard claims that Inferno will be VERY VERY hard.

Auction House

The auction house is accessed from the main screen.

There are two separate auction houses. Real Money and Gold.

Real Money AH will not be an option at launch. It will be put in a few weeks later.

Real Money AH is unavailable in Hardcore.

If you choose to sell something for real money, you can cash out via PayPal or keep it as Blizzard Bucks.

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Hardcore (death is permanent) is available after you get a character to level 10 in softcore mode.

Hardcore is completely separate from softcore. (Separate gold, stash, artisans, gold Auction House).

The Real Money Auction House (RMAH) is not available to Hardcore characters.

There is a "Hall of Fallen Heroes" where you can view past characters who fell to the minions of the burning hells.


PVP has been removed until a future patch.

PVP will be Arena based when it is patched in. There is the possibility of other game modes in the future.

There is no "world" PvP or hostility system as in D2. If you join someone's game, you are in their party and cannot leave without also leaving the game.

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