Ragnaros, The Firelord

by Lady Wenaeleyn

Ragnaros, lord of the Firelands, embodies the fury and destruction of the primordial infernos that forged Azeroth itself.

Promised the chance to set Azeroth aflame without interference from Neptulon and Therazane, Ragnaros seeks to appease the Old Gods by incinerating the World Tree of Nordrassil.


    Much like the Lich King encounter, the Ragnaros encounter consists of 3 separate phases with short transitional phases between each main phase.

    Ragnaros will remain stationary throughout the encounter inside a pool of lava, leaving the raid with a semi circle area to work with. Additionally, the main aggro target must always be in melee range of Ragnaros.

    Phase One

    The first phase lasts until Ragnaros reaches 70% health. There are several abilities used during this phase which require careful player positioning

    Wrath of Ragnaros
    The entire raid should keep 6 yards apart from other players for Wrath of Ragnaros. One player will be targeted in 10 man difficulty and knocked back. Be careful not to stand too close to the edges of the platform. It is possible to be knocked into the lava.

    Hand of Ragnaros
    All healers and caster dps should stand at least 55 yards away from Ragnaros to avoid being knocked back by Hand of Ragnaros. Melee dps and tanks should stand as far back as possible to be in range of healers. Ragnaros has a very large hitbox, so this should not be a problem.

    Burning Wound
    Ragnaros will apply a stacking DoT to the tank called Burning Wound. The tanks will need to swap when the stacks get too high. Burning Wound will also apply Burning Blast, which will increase the tank's damage.

    Sulfuras Smash
    Ragnaros will face a random raid member and prepare to smash the floor with his hammer. The raid will see a large patch of fire on the ground at the targeted location. Players will die if hit and the impact zone will continue to do damage after the hammer lands.

    In addition to the impact zone, three Lava Waves will erupt from the location. Three waves will move directly left, right and back from the point and must be avoided. The entire raid will have to reposition themselves to stand in a clear section.

    Magma Traps
    Ragnaros will throw a Magma Trap at a random player's location. When it lands, it will knock back all players within 8 yards, so everyone should move out of the way. Once it lands, the trap will last for the rest of the encounter or until detonated.

    The raid should assign a specific player or players to detonate the traps manually. Otherwise, the traps will fill the area and leave no room to maneuver.

    When the trap is detonated, the entire raid will take heavy fire damage. The traps should only be detonated when the raid is mostly healed up and the healers are prepared for the raid to take heavy damage. The player detonating the trap will also be knocked into the air and should use class abilities to reduce the fall damage.

    First Transition Phase

    At 70% health, Ragnaros will use Splitting Blow and slam his hammer, Sulfuras, into the platform. He will then submerge and remain under the lava until either all of the adds are dead or 45 seconds have passed.

    Players must stay at least 6 yards away from the hammer at all times or they will take heavy damage. The raid will take unavoidable damage from Ragnaros' Lava Bolt throughout this transition.

    Sons of Flame
    After Splitting Blow, several fiery patches will appear around the platform, indicating where adds will spawn. Eight Sons of Flame will appear at varying distances from Sulfuras.

    Their only goal is to walk towards Sulfuras. They do not have any attacks or aggro tables. They will also move faster the more health they have. A Supernova will be triggered any time a Son of Flame reaches Sulfuras. This is very heavy raid-wide damage and will be very difficult to heal through.

    Players must divide up around the platform and very quickly kill these adds, beginning with those closest to Sulfuras. Knockbacks and stuns will work on the adds, as well as some slows. All of these should be used.

    Phase Two

    The second phase lasts until Ragnaros reaches 40% health. This phase is more complicated than the first phase and requires more player concentration.

    Ragnaros will continue to use Sulfuras Smash and Burning Wound. He will also continue to use Magma Blast if his main aggro target is not within melee range. In addition to these abilities, players must also be aware of:

    Molten Seeds and Molten Inferno
    Every 60 seconds, Ragnaros will cast Molten Seed at the feet of all raid members in 10 man difficulty. The raid must stay 6 yards apart to avoid the splash damage.

    A short time after the Molten Seeds are placed, they will explode in a Molten Inferno. A Molten Elemental will also spawn from each location.

    Once the seeds have been placed, the entire raid should group up in one location as far from the Molten Seeds as possible. This will make AOE healing easier as well as create a common location for the Molten Elementals to be killed. The adds do not have aggro tables and do not melee hard.

    Engulfing Flame
    The second new ability in Phase Two is Engulfing Flame. This will fill one third of the room with fire. The three areas will be the semi circle closest to Ragnaros, one middle distance away and one farthest away.

    The raid should immediately move out of the section about to be engulfed, being careful to also avoid the Lava Waves left by Sulfuras Smash and watch out for the Molten Seed cast. Sometimes these abilities will happen very close together or even simultaneously.

    Second Transition Phase

    At 40% health, Ragnaros will once again cast Splitting Blow and submerge. This transition is identical to the first transition phase, with the addition of a new type of add:

    Lava Scions
    Two of these large adds will spawn and must be picked up by the tanks. They will place a debuff on random raid members called Blazing Heat.

    Again, the raid should first focus on the Sons of Flame and then switch to the Lava Scions as Phase Three begins. Any players affected with Blazing Heat should move out of the path of the Sons of Flame. They should run along the edge of the platform so they don't take damage from the fire trail under their feet.

    Phase Three

    Ragnaros will continue to use Sulfuras Smash, Engulfing Flames and Burning Wound. He will also continue to use Magma Blast if his main aggro target is not within melee range. There is also one new mechanic in Phase Three:

    Summon Living Meteor
    Approximately every 50 seconds, Ragnaros will summon a Living Meteor at a random location. The location is indicated by a fiery patch on the ground. Players should move away from this spot, as anyone within 5 yards of the spawn point will take heavy damage.

    The meteor will fixate on a random target and follow the player. The meteor cannot be killed, so it must be kited. If anyone gets within 4 yards of the meteor, then all players within 8 yards will be killed instantly with Meteor Impact. They cannot be kited indefinitely and will eventually reach their target.

    The meteor's have a buff called Combustible which helps with this. As long as the meteor has this buff, attacks will knock the meteor back. Once knocked back, the meteor will lose it's Combustible buff for a short time and fixate on a new target.

    • When a meteor is spawning, the raid should all group up away from the spawn location.
    • The fixated player should kite the meteor for as long as possible, keeping it well away from other players.
    • Knock the meteor back once it gets too close.
    • A new player becomes fixated and begins to kite.

    These meteors will continuously spawn throughout Phase Three and act as a soft enrage mechanic; therefore, this is the best time to use Heroism and cooldowns. The fight ends when Ragnaros reaches 10% health.

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