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Welcome to the New Website!

Lady Wenaeleyn
Posted: 24 November 2010 04:17 PM  
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Welcome to the new home of the Order of the White Lion!

We would like to welcome our members and friends to our brand new home!

Flik has worked his butt off for quite a long time now to create the site and forum, with the help of myself and the other officers. A special thanks to Leahan for his additional code knowledge in getting alot of the kinks worked out.

We hope you all enjoy the new home we've made for the guild. Some highlights of the main site include:

Leahan created Dingfeed especially for our site! It will keep track of new members, level ups and achievements earned by our members.

Screenshot Gallery
I have over a thousand screenshots on my computer from all the way back in 2004. I have uploaded several memorable shots to the gallery so far, and many more will come!

Convenient Raid Strategies
On the front page, you will find a link to our Raid Strategies. This page will be a one-stop shop for all of our raid strategies. Currently, you will see the entire Wrath of the Lich King Strategy Guide. Very soon, we will start creating new strategy articles for the new Cataclysm raids. Old Strategy sections can always be found in the Resources section of the site.

Article/Forum integration
One awesome feature of our new site is the ability to create articles and link them to discussions on this forum. Periodically, the officers will post new articles relating to class mechanics or raid strategies. Those articles will have their very own discussion link back to this forum. This will make it easier to reference the original text and comment or ask questions.

So go forth, and fill our new forum with your insightful, intriguing, humorous, ranting, celebratory words! RAWR!

Lady Wenaeleyn - Balance Druid - Lvl 85

{ o,O } I will polish your flesh with moon anger!
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