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Forum Rules

Posted: 02 December 2010 02:02 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I'm copying this over from the old forum, but I've made them less wordy. The same rules still apply! These restrictions are also in the terms of use that is agreed to when registering on the site.

We trust each person to use their own common sense when posting. We're all here to have fun. Now then, on with the rules!

Forum Rules:

1. Stay on Topic.
Be respectful of the topic someone has started. Off topic posts will be deleted or moved to their own threads.

2. No Flames.
Again, be respectful of others when you post. It is fine to debate or disagree, but use common sense. Flames will be deleted.

3. No Excessive Profanity.
Based on past experience, members know that we are pretty lenient when it comes to what kind of language we allow on the forums. Once again, common sense will let you know when you might go too far. This forum does have a language filter if it becomes necessary.

4. No Porn
We will not tolerate any pornographic material on these forums at all. Any posts that contain such content will be deleted, or at least have the images or links removed.

5. Keep the File Size of Images Low.
We have put a limit on the file size of images. Please do your part to keep your images as small as possible.

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