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Play By Post - Anyone interested in playing a Vampire:The Masquerade (20th Ann. Ed.)?

Posted: 14 October 2013 03:18 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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You sold me with "Mike from Breaking Bad."

Best character ever.

I'm literally in the middle of midterms right now, and what free time I've had has been spent with my two new nephews (3 hour feeding schedule JESUS). I really am interested in this, but I have yet to put much thought into my character. Like I said earlier, please god don't rely on me haha. If Laric can fit me in at some point, that would be awesome, but I completely understand if I have to sit out. The last thing I want is for the game to lag on my account.

Anyways, I will do my darndest to figure something out for my character as soon as I can.

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The beauty of good role play is that you don't have to create elaborate back story right from the get-go. You can let your character "reveal" themselves through action- so you can develop your character as the story develops. I wouldn't stress it. Most characters don't sit around talking about their childhood unless some experience is relevant; you'll have plenty of time to determine what info is relevant to you smile

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