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Strategy Compendiums

Game Site Links
  • World of Warcraft - The MMO we are currently focused on. 5 years and we're still going strong!

WoW Resources
  • - One of the major databases for WoW items and talent calculators.
  • MMOChampion - A great informational site for items, game news, dev announcements, and previews.
  • Curse Gaming - A popular mod site for WoW and other games.
  • WoW Interface - Another major mod site for WoW.
  • Elitist Jerks - A great resource for information on all classes, including specs, spell rotations and gear choices.
  • Tankspot - Your one stop shop for all things tanking related. You'll also find boss strategy videos here.
  • DKinfo - A great resource for deathknights.

Useful Applications
  • Mumble - 3rd party VOIP program currently in use by TWL.
  • Ventrilo - 3rd party VOIP program.